Market Survey

Marke Survey - Stem Cell Awareness and Attitude Survey

A survey was conducted by Asia Stem Cell Association (ASCA) in January 2013 for investigation of the stem cell awareness and attitudes of the public. Over 90% respondents are within 25 – 49 with Bachelors or above levels, and over 50% are worked as management & executive grade or a professional.

An analysis was performed and the key findings are summarized to provide a benchmark of current awareness which enable evaluation of future activities initiatives aimed at improving the stem cell awareness and tuning in development strategy for the industry.

Lack of knowledge against stem cell

Only 38.6% of respondents could clearly state that they knew what is stem cell while these was still 21.9% of respondents said that they didn’t know anything about stem cell!

Do you know what stem cell is?

Public focus on stem cell storage

The most common news could be noticed relevant to stem cells are stem cell storage (>90%) and stem cell therapy (53%) respectively. It seemed more attractive to readers while the news is relevant to their lives, also showed that they are attentive or willing to get more information in these directions.

News noted relevant to stem cell

High acceptable rate of stem cell therapy

Most respondents (>60%) are willing to try the stem cell therapies in some common diseases (e.g. cancer & diabetes). Successful cases which applying the stem cell therapies are increased around the world, education in this aspect becomes more important and options should be provided when it’s mature.

Diesases faced or in familiy members

Friends and market image are powerful weapons to catch the eyeballs

The major consideration for selecting the companies in stem cell-related services, not surprisingly, is come from the suggestions of friends (36.7%). People rely on the experiences in making decisions, nothing better than someone who experienced in, especially in a new service. Furthermore, the professional image (32.8%) of the companies would provide a good impression to the customers and giving them confidences to the companies.

Selection criteria of a stem cell-related service provider

From the results, ASCA would endeavor to provide different information in stem cells and boost up the awareness between public and medical professionals consistently. Further evaluation in the topic might be conducted to provide more details and in-depth information, and we would be pleased to have the opportunity to hearing your voices in the near future.